The Following Consequences Of Getting Into A Car Accident

We do not want to but each person driving the Philadelphia cars might get into a collision or Philadelphia automobile accident at some point in time. So it is much better to stay prepared for the situation than even denying its possibility. This article will help you out and information about all the consequences and situations that might occur after the accident along with discussing some of the points that will help you out to tackle it properly. the faulty one might have to face the criminal charges, lawsuits or insurance rate spikes by the Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers and has also deal with a lot of situations that are covered in the following article.

Philadelphia car accident lawyer

The Insurance Rates

There are a number of varied factors that can easily affect your auto insurance premium and the amount you were to get in exchange for the damage and loss occurred. The major factors affecting the premium amount include the driver’s age, place the accident occurred in, the place that the driver belongs to, their marital status and the model of the Philadelphia auto involved in that collision. There is a lot of paperwork and consideration done by the insurance company including a detailed run on these factors to offer you a safe bet of money for all the loss and damage that took place in the car accident. The basic and most major factor that insurers looks upon to finalize the rates is the motorist’s driving record. A bad driving record gives them an opportunity to decline the insurance amount. They prefer giving the insured amount to the driver who has never been in an accident rather than the one who has a previous crashing record. It is thought that the insurance premium will increase after the first accident, but this rule is not followed by all the insurance companies. Some of them even deny increasing the premium even if that is your first accident no matter what. You can also consider getting help from the Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers to make sure that your claim is not denied in any of the situations.

Getting Sued

Many of the car accidents are well settled before reaching to the lawsuits. The end is made by any of you or the opponent’s insurance Philadelphia firm paying all the damage caused by the car accident. NO one gets sued if cases are well settled in this insurance claim way. Otherwise, there goes a proper running and hearing of the situation to decide the person at fault and sue them for their charges. Things do not go very smoothly when the Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers are involved in the car accident cases to get the claim. Basically, your insurance Philadelphia firms have your back in the court till the damage cost is under your coverage amount but as soon as it exceeds your coverage amount, all the responsibility for the case is on your own shoulders.

Criminal Offenses

It cannot be said that you committed a crime even in the situation when the car accident was your fault. In fact, most of the accidents do not have any kind of criminal charges involved. The criminal charges are often reported by the Philadelphia Car Accident Philadelphia Lawyer only in the cases when the faulty motorist was driving recklessly or under any kind of alcohol or drug influence. In any of the cases of careless driving or the DUI, there are criminal cases led against the guilty on regardless if it was the same driver who caused the Philadelphia crash. In case if these crimes involve any kind of damage or Philadelphia injury including any living being or property it will cost you more severe penalties. All the states have different criminal policies and Philadelphia law deciding the guilt and fault of the culprit. Also, the damage and penalties differ from state to state. You can also hire any of the automobile accident law firm to present your case in front of the court and prove your innocence there. You are required to go through the proper proceeding and fully fledged lawsuits to decide your fault in the Philadelphia crashes along with the declaration of penalties that need to be paid. Also in the cases where any death is caused during the accident, there are also severe punishments for the person at fault including the life imprisonment and death penalties, different states have different methods to punish the culprits in all the situations.

Talk to the Philadelphia attorney

It is extremely important for you to inform the Philadelphia attorneys as well as the Philadelphia Car Accident Philadelphia Lawyers for proper investigation and correct proceeding of the case. Facts and evidence are entirely different from every case and should be treated that way only. You need to consult a well qualified and experienced attorney to get a solution for the problem along with getting proper guidance for the steps that need to be taken further. In case you have been arrested and put down with any kind of criminal charges, it becomes even more important to contact the attorney immediately without any kind of further delays. The attorney can easily help you out in each kind of situation and will surely help you to find a way out of the problem as well.


Make sure that you do not just flew away from the accident scene and a stay back, in case you go away from the scene a case of hit and run is charged against us, making you eligible for severe criminal punishments and penalties. Also, you need to inform the police immediately for the investigation of the case to get started as well as the nearby medical unit should also be informed in case of Philadelphia injuries caused in the collision and has a requirement to get the medical help. Make sure you follow all the procedures careful to avoid any kind of troubles or errors. Also, consider taking advice from Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers regarding the lawsuits and insurance premium.